Take Skype Guitar Lessons from the comfort of your home!

Paul Greig has been teaching Skype guitar lessons for 5 years now establishing himself as one of the best online guitar teachers.  Online guitar lessons have allowed Paul to connect with satisfied guitar students in the USA, UK, Japan, Spain, Ireland, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Australia, China, Canada and many other locations.  With Skype guitar lessons the students are able to connect online with Paul through Skype, Google Hangout or Zoom, High-speed internet and webcams.

Guitar lessons online allow the student to learn from the comfort of their own home or office.

The student is more relaxed, focused and ready to learn.

No more running around town fighting traffic to get from point A to point B and back home again.

Skype guitar lessons are working great for guitar students around the world. Online guitar lessons are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.  Paul’s guitar lessons are custom fit to the students interests and goals.

Online Guitar Lessons for All Ages

These Skype guitar lessons are helping people of all ages learn to play. Students as young as 7 are accepted.  Guitar students learn to read music, understand and apply music theory, learn songwriting skills and advance your technique.  

Learn pop guitar, blues guitar, slide and open tunings, country guitar, folk guitar, fingerpicking guitar,  jazz guitar, bluegrass guitar…

your written lesson is prepared ahead of lesson time allowing a hands on learning experience presented to the student at their level.  Kids guitar lessons, teens guitar lessons, adult guitar lessons and guitar lessons for seniors are offered.

How do I get started with an online guitar lesson today?

Scheduling Skype guitar lessons is quick and easy!  Fill out the Schedule A Free Lesson form and Jeff will reply quickly with open time spots for you to choose from. Webcam guitar lessons require a high speed internet connection, a functioning computer able to run real time audio and video for the webcam. Skype, ooVoo, Yahoo Messenger and Google Hangout are free downloads and must be installed and functioning on your computer ahead of lesson time. Jeff is more than happy to help with technical questions to make sure the camera, computer and program settings are at the best they can be.  Download Skype here.